Returns and out of stock products

  • If you receive a faulty item please contact me immediately at The item will need to be returned for assessment before a refund is issued.
  • We do not accept returns if you simply change your mind or order incorrectly. There is ample time in checkout to look over your order and make sure what you confirm is what you require. It is YOUR responsibility to check your shopping cart prior to checking out.
  • Occassionally an item you order might be out of stock. If this happens your order will ship without this item and if payment is made using a credit card, your card will only be debited with the correct amount, if payment is made using.
  • Direct Deposit, than a refund will be sent prior to shipping of goods, unless you’d like to replace item with another in stock item.
  • Products WILL NOT BE SUBSTITUTED without your consent.
  • If a "clearance item" is unavailable, you will not be contacted and just provided a refund.

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